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Pam's Place Tack Saddle Fitting

Below are the various ways we can determine fit for your horse

Haul In:  If you have the opportunity to haul into our location we can fit your horse to a specific fit form.  Charge for each fitting session is $55.00

Travel to You:  We can travel to you for a saddle fitting   In this case it would be more cost effective to have several horses to fit.  Travel time and fuel charges are assessed as well as $55.00 for each fitting session.  

Equimeasure Fit Kit:  Works very well for fitting and is ideal if you are not able to ship into our location. This kit can be mailed out to you and you can make a fiberglass form of your horses back.  This procedure costs $170.00 for the kit including shipping charges both ways.  

Wither Tracing:  We can work off wither tracings to fit your horse.  We can send you a word document that will explain the proper way to take a wither tracing.  You can then send the wither tracing to us and will advise you what fit would work best for your horse.  This procedure is free of charge.   
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